News from our Journey through Africa

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Goo Moremi Gorge, a totally different #botswana scenery. Waterfalls, forest, hiking and a bit climbing made a perfect day for us.


Sometimes you have to set priorities.


It itches me, can you scratch me. No? Ok, then I have to do it myself.


You can‘t make a better appointment, but we met by chance in the same second. @afrika2019 came from #zimbabwe, we from the old hunters road in #botswana.


Never seen so many buffalos. Hundreds came by to drink at the waterhole @senyatibotswana .


You always have to be prepared for elephants in Moremi, even when going to the toilet.


Marvelous picnic spot and Landy parking in front of a huge #baobab at #savuti.


A #leopard is always a very special animal encounter. We were lucky enough to see this guy observing his kill at #savuti. Thx to @mkulu_the_landy for the hint.


Water Lily’s at #okavangodelta. Some years ago, we were told that in earlier days a bride got a necklace from a water lily and the groom has to watch out for 24 hours that the necklace did break. Otherwise he were not allowed to marry that woman, because if one is not able to care of flowers, he will not look after his wife in the future. I haven’t found any information if this story is true, but anyhow I like it.


Just one more of this magnificent #sunsets in #africa. #okavangodelta #botswana


Dead Tree Island in #moremi a nice #landrover parking. #botswana #okavangodelta


Thoughts of a bird “Oh, oh, I need to slow down, land, does it still fit?” #warthog #okavangodelta #moremi #botswana


Purple Heron in #Okavango. #okavangodelta #moremi #botswana #purpleheron


Road Block in front of South Gate, #Moremi. The wild dogs were hunting a Kudu. Unfortunately it was Gate closure time and we couldn’t follow. #wilddogs #painteddog #botswana #okavangodelta


Always a pleasure to see #elephants. We can’t get enough of it. We will definitely bore you with some more pictures. #botswana #savetheelephants #okavangodelta


Masethleteng Pan, Kaa Concession, one of our favorite overnight camps in #Kalahari. #botswana #visitbotswana


Wouldn’t have expected to find a landscape like this in Kalahari. It is called Western woodlands and belongs to Kaa Concession area.


Just before we left #KTP we met this two young #lions.


In #KTP we met Hank from the Netherlands and we all wanted to drive the Polentswa #4×4 trail. As it is only allowed if you are two cars, it was our luck to meet each other and Hank managed to get the booking.


This year the rainy season in Namibia has failed. There is currently no water in Tsauchab river and look at the second picture, taken before the rainy season started in 2011. The water situation for everyone is getting serious. We heard a lot of animals are already thirst.



Driving Kuiseb Canyon was a lot of fun. Of course we got stuck in a very sandy section and as usual we forgot to take pictures. #namibia #kuiseb #namib #namibnaukluft #namibiaroadtrip


Milky Way – one of great experiences traveling deserts to watch the stars above you. #namibia #kalahari


You must be a dust lover if you are traveling on gravel roads. We both lost our memories about that part of the journey @claudia Fortunately it doesn’t take long to clean everything, if you share the work. Heidi is responsible for the living room and Norbert for the driver’s cab 😁. Camp is set up quickly and you can enjoy your dinner. #namibia #namibnaukluft


Preparing the Landy for takeoff. No it cannot fly, but for us it is like a flight to heaven, heading towards the desert in few days.

#namibia #walvisbay


Happy rhino Friday!! #rhinofriday #marakele


Sometimes there is no choice, which road to take and of course it is fun to drive through. #zimbabwe #hwange #2015


Baines Baobabs, also called „three sister“, with view over Kudiakam Pan. One of our favourite overnight places in Botswana. #botswana #2015 #nxaipan


Traveling during rainy season in Africa means it is mir difficult to spot the animals. On the other hand how beautiful is it to see Impalas in green surroundings. #chobenationalpark #botswana #2015


Be careful when you encounter a Yellow-billed hornbill. We thought these birds eat insects and scorpions. But we were wrong. It took this bird about 15 minutes to kill the squirrel.


Vervet monkeys in Mana Pools national park. 2014 in Manapools Nationalpark in Zimbabwe


Enjoying the sun at Main River. We are still in Germany looking forward to travel to Namibia.


Just looking through pictures from 2012. Our Landy in front #vallimoosa, one of the biggest elephants in #addoelephantpark. As soon as I found this picture, I searched for some news about Valli Moosa. Sadly 😢 I found out, that he is dead since end of 2017. He was killed after a fight with a younger elephant bull. Valli was about 60 years old.


Our Landy arrived in Namibia. We will follow mid of March. We are really looking forward to being back in Africa.