News from our Journey through Africa

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Preparing the Landy for takeoff. No it cannot fly, but for us it is like a flight to heaven, heading towards the desert in few days.

#namibia #walvisbay


Happy rhino Friday!! #rhinofriday #marakele


Sometimes there is no choice, which road to take and of course it is fun to drive through. #zimbabwe #hwange #2015


Baines Baobabs, also called „three sister“, with view over Kudiakam Pan. One of our favourite overnight places in Botswana. #botswana #2015 #nxaipan


Traveling during rainy season in Africa means it is mir difficult to spot the animals. On the other hand how beautiful is it to see Impalas in green surroundings. #chobenationalpark #botswana #2015


Be careful when you encounter a Yellow-billed hornbill. We thought these birds eat insects and scorpions. But we were wrong. It took this bird about 15 minutes to kill the squirrel.


Vervet monkeys in Mana Pools national park. 2014 in Manapools Nationalpark in Zimbabwe


Enjoying the sun at Main River. We are still in Germany looking forward to travel to Namibia.


Just looking through pictures from 2012. Our Landy in front #vallimoosa, one of the biggest elephants in #addoelephantpark. As soon as I found this picture, I searched for some news about Valli Moosa. Sadly 😢 I found out, that he is dead since end of 2017. He was killed after a fight with a younger elephant bull. Valli was about 60 years old.


Our Landy arrived in Namibia. We will follow mid of March. We are really looking forward to being back in Africa.